Cipherpoint: The new industry standard for data security compliance

Transparent Data Encryption Technology

Who We Are

A winner of the SINET 16 award as a top security company in 2012, CipherPoint is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and was founded by IT security experts with deep experience in building successful security technology companies. Customers in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, government, and other industries, in Europe, North America, and Asia rely on CipherPoint to protect access to sensitive and regulated information. CipherPoint is committed to helping our customers meet their security objectives, to building value for our shareholders, to fostering a stimulating work environment for employees, and to improving our community through volunteering.

What We Do

CipherPoint identifies, encrypts, and controls and audits access to sensitive and regulated data on-premises and in cloud file sharing and collaboration systems. CipherPoint’s solution is unique in preventing privileged IT administrators and outside attackers that target IT-level access from accessing sensitive information. The CipherPoint Eclipse solution suite secures data across file servers, on-premises SharePoint, SharePoint Online/Office365 and other cloud collaboration systems from a central data security console. CipherPoint’s products are easy to deploy and manage, and scalable to meet the needs of large enterprises.

Why It Matters

Threats to sensitive information come from outside attackers, and from insiders including rogue employees and IT administrators. In addition, an increasing number of compliance regulations are requiring encryption for regulated data. Security control strategies are rapidly shifting away from reliance on perimeter security devices, towards protection of data at the application layer. With the increased use of collaboration platforms as repositories for sensitive and regulated data, and with the dramatic growth in unstructured data in the enterprise, organizations urgently require advanced content security solutions that secure information from the web-tier. Large enterprises are increasingly looking to cloud computing, which brings new and different threats. CipherPoint’s security technologies put control over encryption keys and security management back in the hands of IT security.

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