Sharepoint Security Solutions for Secure Document Management

Identify. Secure. Audit.

Who has access to your valuable company information such as trade secrets, executive staff memos, intellectual property and Board of Directors information?

SharePoint excels as a platform for content management, collaboration, team sites, intranets, and extranets. To use SharePoint for use cases involving executive staff, boards of directors, human resources departments, intellectual property and trade secrets, an enterprise must go beyond native SharePoint security controls, which are insufficient to fully meet security requirements.

Eliminate insider and other security threats to valuable content stored on SharePoint servers. The CipherPoint Eclipse for SharePoint  solution finds, encrypts, controls access to, and audits access for sensitive and regulated content stored in SharePoint sites, and ensures that only authorized users are allowed access to this information. CipherPoint’s web-tier encryption technology enables organizations to broaden their usage of the SharePoint platform, and be assured their private and confidential content within SharePoint is strongly protected.

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